marți, octombrie 20, 2009

Random talk

"Having lived in Europe for the past 8 years, I take it you're not afraid of the wurst anymore.. :)
No, actually I am past beyond that, even though, I must admit it's quite a long way from Korea to Europe..
How do you find European people, after having lived for so long amongst them?
Well, that's a good question to ask. When I came from Asia to Europe I realized that everything, but really everything, is different here, from what I had been used to. Europeans are more direct and a lot less shy than the Asian people. When you think of A, you say it loudly: "A". When we think of A, we say in a quiet way: "Well, maybe it's B, that can sometimes be C, which often leads us to A". I really had to get used to everything from scratch. The shape of the continent is different, hence the distances from one place to another are smaller, the people look different, the food is different, the education and attitude is different, the way you approach things is different. However, despite all this, our goal is the same: achieving happiness. The goal is the same, but everything up to that point is done in a different way."

I thought it was a really nice way of putting it.

joi, octombrie 01, 2009

In whiskey veritas

Conversation with a random girl, I had never met before:
"Where do you live?" (she)
"In Altstadt" (me)
"Reaaaaally? Meeee tooooo!!! Where in Altstadt?"
"Next to Frankenbad"
"Really?? Meeeee tooo!!!! Where next to Frankenbad?
"Well.. in the building right in front of it"
"Really??? Meeee tooo!!! Oau, we're practically neigbours. Listen, do you have a washing machine?"