miercuri, iunie 23, 2010

My 100th article: note to your self

  • Avoid getting tired of things not going right as rain. There is life after the death by a thousand cuts;
  • Remember that there are very few things in life that a glass of red wine (or single malt whiskey) can't fix;
  • Winning the crowd might seem easy. Winning the upper 10% however, is a long row to hoe. Always aim for that, otherwise you'll just be another glory hound that had its (one) day;
  • Accept that there will always be people you'll rub up the wrong way. One can never be everyone's cup of tea. Deal with it, accept it and move on;
  • Accept that you'll always make mistakes that cannot be fixed nor undone. Embrace your imperfection. Forgiveness is sometimes in the lap of gods and will come, eventually.. if not, well.. there wasn't much there to begin with;
  • Be sociable, rather than just human friendly. The ones that are able to see beyond what meets the eye will spot your true nature anyway;
  • Forgive, but do a better job with the forgetting part. Stop being the jury, judge and executioner. For a change;
  • Always keep in mind that the head that wears the crown lies uneasy and that one should "..meet with Triumph and Disaster, and treat those two impostors just the same";
  • Smile, it does confuse people. Check, never assume;
  • Deliver the goods and do your share. Otherwise, everything will just run into the sand;
  • Some friendships are just not meant to be. People come and go. You'll learn that not everyone is your kindred spirit, especially while familiarity breeds contempt;
  • When in doubt and desperately searching for solutions, the simple idea of playing it fair might just do the trick and save the day. Trust your conscience that usually, needs no accuser;
  • People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. And not saying it out loud but only in your thoughts, still counts as throwing stones;
  • Enjoy the comfort brought by the idea that there are fairweather friends but no fairweather familly.
Love is our resistance.

Later edit: Al 100-lea articol sau, după cum mi-a spus cineva, un fel de... "sumă a tot ceea ce cred eu că e bine, frumos, pozitiv, constructiv. Tot ceea ce-mi spun spun și acum vă spun și vouă, ca să vă spuneți la rândul vostru, chiar dacă știu că regulile după care funcționez eu nu pot fi potrivite pentru toți ceilalți, dar nimeni nu-mi poate răpi speranța.."

marți, iunie 08, 2010

Stages of a photographer

Very true.
Conclusion: dammit, I suck.