miercuri, decembrie 09, 2009

Back to the basics

Am cunoscut ATÂT de mulţi oameni în anul care a trecut şi toţi ATÂT de diferiţi încât, în încercarea de a'i înţelege, cunoaşte şi până la urmă accepta mai bine, începusem la un moment dat să repet constant: "I don't get it and I find it weird BUUUUUUUUUT maybe I'm missing something.. In the end, whatever works".

Dacă simţiţi că alergaţi de prea multă vreme, deşi nu aţi făcut jogging niciodată, acest film semnat Woody Allen s'ar putea să vă aducă puţină odihnă. However, keep in mind that "This is not the feel good movie of the year. So in case you're any of the idiots that need to feel good, go get yourself a foot massage".

"I happen to hate New Year's celebrations. Everybody desperate to have fun. Trying to celebrate in some pathetic little way. Celebrate what? A step closer to the grave? That's why I can't say enough times, whatever love you can get and give, whatever happiness you can filch or provide, every temporary measure of grace, whatever works. And don't kid yourself. Because its by no means up to your own human ingenuity. A bigger part of your existence is luck, than you'd like to admit. Christ, you know the odds of your fathers one sperm from the billions, finding the single egg that made you. Don't think about it, you'll have a panic attack."

Mai multe citate din film, inclusiv monologul de la început (my personal favorite), aici.